• 18. Март 2015

    Two new Sirius aircraft for Norway!

    On Friday the 13th we handed over two new Sirius aircraft. Shortly after lunch, our customers started up the engines and set off direction Norway – right from in front of our hangar.

  • 4. Март 2015

    British test pilot reviews our Sting

    Following his exhilarating experience with our Sirius, David Unwin, a known British test pilot, couldn’t resist to spend time in the cockpit of our Sting also.

  • 2. Март 2015

    AOPA Live report!

    Our Sirius has been making us proud all around the world. Recently, it has captivated the people of the United States... yet again.

  • 23. Февраль 2015

    A very unique Sting for a Czech customer!

    Fresh, distinct design, together with its color combination create the prominent features of this attractive Sting aircraft.

  • 16. Февраль 2015

    New Sting flies to Italy again.

    So it seems that Stings love Italy. Another very nicely equipped S4 is on the way South.

  • 9. Февраль 2015

    Demo Sirius to New Zealand!

    New super equipped Sirius for our New Zealand sales representative. This will be flying!

  • 9. Февраль 2015

    Awesome S4 to New Zealand!

    New beautiful red Sting is ready for transport to New Zealand. His new owner will be well-known Glenn Martin.

  • 5. Февраль 2015

    Looking for US Sales representatives

    Our company starts looking for some experienced sales representatives in USA.

  • 23. Январь 2015

    Red Sting made for prompt sale!

    Red Sting made for prompt sale!

  • 20. Январь 2015

    Stock Sirius for sale!

    Stock Sirius for sale!