It is a great pleasure for us that the Czech aviation acrobat, Ing. Petr Jirmus, holder of two world championship titles, two European championship titles and four times champion of Czechoslovak Aircraft Acrobatics, has once again chosen to purchase a TL-ULTRALIGHT aircraft.

In Mr. Jirmus's aviation biography you will find many types of aircraft, from the legendary acrobatic Zlin Z-50 to the Boeing 737. Mr. Jirmus assisted with the flights of the former Czech President Vaclav Havel, and also brought the victorious Czech Ice Hockey team home from the Olympics in Nagano.

We are very pleased that, after many years of flying our TL 96 Star, Mr. Jirmus has again selected an aircraft from our factory. His choice is proof of the excellent work of all our employees and the great quality of our aircraft.

His new aircraft is the TL 2000 Sting S4. Mr Jirmus chose a luxurious leather interior, a brown cabin and an elegant black-and-gray design. The aircraft is powered by the proven Rotax engine and our own Powermax propeller.

Mr. Jirmus received his new aircraft from the owner of TL-ULTRALIGHT, Mr. Jiří Tlustý.

We wish Mr. Jirmus and his new Sting S4 many hours of flying and many wonderful experiences.