Beautiful Sirius with eye-catching graphics in Denmark

Last year, we introduced several new graphic designs for our aircraft. We are now using state-of-the-art vinyl film which allows us to apply graphics to large and complicated surfaces. Thanks to this, we can now colour almost any part of the aircraft according to the most demanding requests from our customers.

One of the aircraft which has this new type of design is this TL-3000 Sirius which is now happily flying in Denmark.  The aircraft is powered by the proven ROTAX 912 ULS engine along with the DUC Hélices FLASH propeller. In the cockpit, we fitted luxurious, black, leather seats and an instrument panel dominated by a single Dynon Skyview display. Of course, there is always the standard rescue parachute system.

We wish the aircraft owner many wonderful hours in the skies above Denmark and beyond.