• TL-3000


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    Experience, style and comfort

    Discover the Sirius, high-wing aircraft with spacious cockpit that will provide you with comfort and enjoyment. Easy cabin access will be appreciated by everyone who likes to fly often. The TL-3000 Sirius all-composite carbon fiber aircraft will definitely grab you by the heart!

  • TL-2000

    Sting S4

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    Design, prestige and elegance

    The new innovative generation of the Sting presents unique and improved features that were the result of many pilot and customer consultations. All you have to do is experience the upgraded interior, larger luggage compartment and many other comfort enhancing features to entice you to make the TL-2000 Sting S4 your very own!

  • TL-2000

    Sting RG

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    Speed, performance and safety

    This fastest Czech ultralight is an unrivalled quality aircraft suitable for both business and private flights. With a perfect aerodynamic shape, clean lines and spacious cockpit, the ultralight is perfect for pilot training or touring flights. The TL-2000 Sting RG is ready to fulfill your desire for speed with ultimate control.

  • Stream

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    A fighter jet experience...

    We are giving it our all and are currently marrying all our knowledge, craftsmanship, strength and energy to finalize our newest aircraft. The Stream will be our highest technical achievement to date and will become the flagship of TL-ULTRALIGHT. We are thrilled knowing that yet again we have managed to set new benchmarks in ultralight aviation – its name is Stream!

  • Sirius with floats

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    ... Not even water can stop it...

    Landing on water? No problem. This is why the Sirius with floats has become the ultimate aircraft with no limits. Rescue operations or leisure by the lake? It is entirely up to you how you decide to use the Sirius. It has been tested in the field and verified by years of experience. Beat all false presumptions about ultralights with our Sirius with floats. Dominate the air and water.

  • PowerMax


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    Love at first sight...

    It was created for maximum simplification of control. Thanks to the structural design, there is no longer need to focus on blade adjustment. Intuitive propeller control saves you time and many other sub-tasks that you no longer have to worry about. Flying made easy!

  • Aircraft

    for sale

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    Feeling impatient?

    To build an aircraft takes time, especially if the client is particular about the distinctiveness of its furnishings and looks. Not everyone wants to wait though. And that is the reason why from time to time we manufacture an aircraft to stock to be readily available for no-delay purchases. Once in a while we also help our customers sell their older aircraft. Have a look at our current offer. Don’t wait – fly!