TL-2000Sting RG


Retractable landing gear and carefully thought through design are the key aspects behind unforgettable performance of the TL-2000 Sting RG. Astounding speed range is turning this aircraft into a higher category machine.

We have kept the impeccable design and features of the Sting S3 and added on speed and climb performance – that is how this smoothly elegant sportster came to being. Wherever the Sting RG appears, all eyes follow.

The Sting RG Story

After great success of the Sting S3, our desire to push speed boundaries, without compromising safetyhas driven us further. Of course, all of this had to be packaged in a beautiful sleek design so typical of our TL-ULTRALIGHT aircraft. We had turned our attention to landing gear and have developed a steadily retractable mechanism, with which we fulfilled our dream. Thanks to the courage and our desire to try new techniques, we have achieved our goal. The Sting RG is an epitome of speed, safety and elegance. The Sting RG´s speed range is overwhelming, its flying qualities normally belonging to machines of higher categories. The Sting RG has outdone itself. It will become the highlight of its owner´s personality.



The automatic PowerMax propeller is ideal for all our aircraft. However, we are able to individuallyanswer to all client requirements. Fixed or in-flight adjustable? We will recommend the best one for you.


Quality and reliable Rotax engines of various performance options - fromclassic carburetorto market´s latest, we will select just the right one to meet your criteria.

Landing gear

Increase in speed – achieved with the fully retractable landing gear!


Avionics suitedto your requirements! Most modern displays, GPSs and glass cockpit? Or is it classic analog devices that you prefer? Just speak your wish. The instrument panel will be furnished according to your requirements . For the incredible experience of flying…


Spacious cabin, all instruments within convenient reach and the most comfortable seats – views that will never get old and feelings you´ll never forget. Cabin that provides maximum comfort. Just sit in!

Rescue system

Crew safety is a priority to us. That is why all our aircraft are fitted with rescue parachute system that will in the unlikely event of emergency get you safely to the ground.

Flying qualities

Easily manageable at every speed. Made for fast sport flights or for moments of casual sightseeing. You will definitely get along!


A low-wing aircraft concept with clean lines and elegant shape. The body has sports and fierce contour. Choosing color and design of vinyl graphics is up to you! Create your own look of your aircraft.

From the very first moment, you will succumb to its charm. Outstanding cabin view, low noise and excellent aircraft features that will maximize your flight experience. Unrivalled sports and travel aircraft. Also suitable for those wishing to enter higher category.


2 side by side seats, engine located in the front, retractable tricycle landing gear – main wheels with brakes, steerable front wheel. The wing is trapezoidal, and elevator classic trapezoidal divided. The flaps can be deployed for two positions – one for start at 15 ° and 35 ° for landing

Due to easy manageability and high comfort, the aircraft is suitable for all ages, the overall impression being of very agile, sporty elegant appearance.


Maximum comfort for both pilot and passenger. Increased luggage space. Easy cabin opening and access.

Uncompromised comfort for long voyages

Sufficient space and devices that you can comfortably reach to. Dashboard in front of the passenger has been tilted for improved pilot´s view. You might appreciate cabin heating or convenient handles for easy cabin opening to name a few.

We are able to customize the cockpit, including device fittings according to client´s specific wishes and requirements.

Choose from classic analog instruments or opt for a combination with modern dislays. Wide selection of various radio types, GPSs and many other safety and pilot devices are a given. The choice is up to you...

Steering and control

Even in the area of steering and control we have focused on maximum safety and comfort. The Sting RG will exceed your expectations.

Features: full dual control, classically arranged sticks, adjustable foot pedals for steering, retractable tricycle landing gear – main wheels with brakes, steerable nose wheel, flaps – at 15 ° for take-off and 35 ° for landing


The Sting RG aircraft comes standardly equipped with conventional analog instruments.

Upon request, we are able to furnish your new Sting RG with modern glass cockpit, and can add to the essential instruments GPS system and other useful devices. If you wish for more, we will gladly deliver. We can equip your new Sting RG with any other form of avionics to suit your desires. This also applies to GPSs, radios and other devices. Whatever it may be, we can put it together for you!


Highest care is given to the design. It is a result of long and careful developing phase, conducted by the TL-Ultralight company.

The Sting RG is a two seat low-wing composite aircraft with engine located in the front. The landing gear is tricycle retractable with main wheels fitted with brakes and nose wheel that is steerable. The aircraft is made of high quality carbon fiber and is standardly delivered in white color design with vinyl graphics of customer's choice.


Engine is the heart of every aircraft, and that is why all our aircraft are fitted with engines of the ROTAX brand - they have been tried, they have been tested and come with thousands of flight hours experience.

Standard aircraft fitting includes: Rotax 912 (80 hp), 912S (100hp) or 914 Turbo. It is now possible to equip your aircraft with the 912iS engine with a fuel injection system. Propeller can be fixed or in-flight adjustable. You can choose from a wide variety of types and designs. The ideal choice of course is the in-flight adjustable PowerMax propeller.

  • ROTAX 912 ULS

    The Rotax 912 ULS is a four-cylinder, four-stroke engine, with liquid cooled cylinder heads and air-cooled cylinders. It has got a dry sump forced lubrication with a separate oil tank of 3 liters, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet, 2 carburetors with constant pressure in the diffuser, mechanical fuel pump, contactless electronic dual ignition with two circuits, electric starter and propeller speed reduction unit i = 2.43.

  • ROTAX 912 iS

    The Rotax 912 iS was developed on the basis of the 100 hp Rotax 912 ULS engine. The main difference between 912iS and 912 ULS is substitution of carburetors for preparing mixture with dual, electronically operated fuel injection system. Other changes include oil pump reinforcement and increase in generator performance.

    It is a four-cylinder, four-stroke engine with liquid-cooled cylinder heads, air-cooled cylinders, dry sump lubrication with a separate oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet, electronic dual fuel injection, electronic engine management (EMS), electric starter, propeller speed reduction unit and an engine suction system.

  • ROTAX 914

    The Rotax 914 is a four-cylinder, four-stroke engine with liquid-cooled cylinder heads and air-cooled cylinders, with a turbocharger and a pressure relief valve. It has got dry sump lubrication with a separate three liter oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet, two carburetors with constant pressure in the diffuser, mechanical diaphragm fuel pump, contactless electronic dual ignition, electric starter, propeller speed reduction unit i = 2.43 with overload clutch, motor mount, suction chamber and stainless steel exhaust.

  • PowerMax Propeller

    The PowerMax is a three-blade tractor in flight adjustable aircraft propeller. The aluminum alloy hub consists of top and bottom flange with lid. The blade adjustment mechanisms are located inside the hub. Increasing of the blade angle is done by the actuator. For the opposite direction, the blades are adjusted through the resistance of spring located inside the hub. The carbon fiber blade has got an aluminum alloy root part and is mounted onto the hub by a pair of axial bearings. The actuator is located outside the hub, above the engine reduction unit, and controls the blade adjustment by a hollow axis of the reduction unit and the propeller.

Technical data


5,93 m


2020 mm

Wing span


Wing area

9,8 m2

Never exceed speed

305 km/h

Cruising speed

200 – 250 km/h

Minimum speed

65 km/h

Climb rate (max. TOW)

7 m/s

Empty weight (according to type)

297 kg

Maximum take-off weight

472,5 kg (600 kg LSA)

Minimum crew weight

50 kg

Maximum crew weight

180 kg

Maximum luggagge weight

8 kg

Fuel consumption (75% max. continuous power)

16,2 l/h

Fuel tank capacity

77 l (+44 litres in auxiliary tanks in the wings)

Flying range

840 km (1370 km with external fuel tanks)