TL-3000Sirius with Floats


The amphibian with a big heart..

We have discovered extended potential of the Sirius far beyond our imagination. Its design was perfect for water landing. We agreed there was no need to hesitate and have created the LSA version – the TL 3000 Sirius with floats. Not only can the Sirius land on water, solid ground landing is no problem for this aircraft either. No restrictions exist – the TL-3000 Sirius is able to land everywhere.

Story of the Sirius with floats

Desire to surpass limitations is driving us further. We have conquered the air and now even water. Sirius with floats is able to land everywhere with ease. We are overcoming limitations and conquering nature. All of the Sirius features have been taken to a higher level. Floats have been added and tested in challenging conditions. We have succeeded yet again.



The automatic PowerMax propeller is ideal for all our aircraft. However, we are able to individuallyanswer to all client requirements. Fixed or in-flight adjustable? We will recommend the best one for you.


Quality and reliable Rotax engines of various performance options - fromclassic carburetorto market´s latest, we will select just the right one to meet your criteria.

Landing gear

Landing made easy – be it water or solid ground. Wheels retract after take-off. One of the floats hides a smart luggage compartment. Main wheels are equipped with efficient brakes. Easy maneuverability and control of the aircraft will surprise you.


Avionics suitedto your requirements! Most modern displays, GPSs and glass cockpit? Or is it classic analog devices that you prefer? Just speak your wish. The instrument panel will be furnished according to your requirements . For the incredible experience of flying…


Easily accessible cabin with generous space, will be appreciated by everyone, especially the stouter pilots. Instruments at hand, perfectly comfortable seats and convenient luggage compartment will have you feel well even during longer voyages.

Rescue system

Crew safety is a priority to us. That is why all our aircraft are fitted with rescue parachute system that will in the unlikely event of emergency get you safely to the ground.

Flying qualities

Calm, well manageable aircraft. Stable and steady. Ideal for long voyages or for use in flyingschools.


High-wing concept with elegant lines will bring out your personality. Design and color of vinyl graphics to suit your imagination! Create your own look of your aircraft.

Calm, quiet, safe - these are impressions the Sirius will leave you with.

Minimum of vibrations and noise will surprise you. Space, deluxe body-countoured seats, perfect door lock system and convenient cockpit access will take your breath away. The word „comfort“ will be on your mind everytime. Pilots will appreciate the dual yoke control of the aircraft, whilst passengers will fall in love with the generous luggage space. The Sirius will give you true sense of freedom in the air. It is a prestigious aircraft, be it touring or sport.


Two side-by-side seats, rectangular wing with trapezoid-shaped outer part,landing gear is standard with steerable nose wheel and main wheels with brakes. Large flaps are electronically operated and can be pulled out to position 15 ° for take-offand 45 ° for landing.

Large windows of the cabin will turn each of your flights into an unforgettable experience. Easy maneuverability of the aircraft and comfort for both the pilot and the crew will leave you in no doubt. Sirius with floats will become your best match.


Only Sirius can provide ample cockpit space. High level of comfort even for well-built passengers. The luggage compartment will surprise you. Large windows, allowing for maximum view and easy cabin access will certainly win you over.

Will be appreciated during longer voyages…

Cabin heating and heated seats option are just the beginning. Optional add-on features can turn your Sirius into a limo that you will not want to leave.

We are able to customize cockpit in order to fit client´s specific needs and requirements, including instrument furnishing. Choose from classic analog instruments, or go for a combination of modern displays. Wide selection of various radio types, GPSs and many other safety and pilot devices is a given. The choice is up to you…

Steering and control

Complete dual yoke control and well thought through placement of control devices will turn your piloting into an ultimate experience that you will not want to stop talking about. Safety, as with all of our aircraft is an absolute given.


The basic version that is able to give you maximum.

We are bringing you our Sirius that is equipped with ultramodern flight data glass displays. If you still desire more, we can deliver. Upon your request, we can equip your new Sirius with classic analog devices or with any other form of avionics. This of course also applies to GPSs, radios and many other devices. Whatever it may be, we can put it together for you!


Our experience brought us far. And with this came the Sirius, safe aircraft of inimitable quality.

The production was conducted using latest technology, including theCAD/ CAM and CNC methods, together with other specific modern manufacturing processes. On account of these, Sirius prides itself with accurate crafting, fast production time and with quality that is flawless.

The floats design is owned by the TL-ULTRALIGHT company. For maximum safety, the body has been divided into several sections, of which one is configured as luggage compartment. The left float is fitted with a reclinable water rudder. The quadricycle landing gear retracts into specially designed shafts, main wheels are fitted with brakes, nose wheels are non-steerable towed.


Engine is the heart of every aircraft, and that is why all our aircraft are fitted with engines of the ROTAX brand - they have been tried, they have been tested and come with thousands of flight hours experience.

Standard aircraft fitting includes: Rotax 912 (80 hp), 912S (100hp) or 914 Turbo. It is now possible to equip your aircraft with the 912iS engine with a fuel injection system. Propeller can be fixed or in-flight adjustable. You can choose from a wide variety of types and designs. The ideal choice of course is the in-flight adjustable PowerMax propeller.

  • ROTAX 912 ULS

    The Rotax 912 ULS is a four-cylinder, four-stroke engine, with liquid cooled cylinder heads and air-cooled cylinders. It has got a dry sump forced lubrication with a separate oil tank of 3 liters, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet, 2 carburetors with constant pressure in the diffuser, mechanical fuel pump, contactless electronic dual ignition with two circuits, electric starter and propeller speed reduction unit i = 2.43.

  • ROTAX 912 iS

    The Rotax 912 iS was developed on the basis of the 100 hp Rotax 912 ULS engine. The main difference between 912iS and 912 ULS is substitution of carburetors for preparing mixture with dual, electronically operated fuel injection system. Other changes include oil pump reinforcement and increase in generator performance.

    It is a four-cylinder, four-stroke engine with liquid-cooled cylinder heads, air-cooled cylinders, dry sump lubrication with a separate oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet, electronic dual fuel injection, electronic engine management (EMS), electric starter, propeller speed reduction unit and an engine suction system.

  • ROTAX 914

    The Rotax 914 is a four-cylinder, four-stroke engine with liquid-cooled cylinder heads and air-cooled cylinders, with a turbocharger and a pressure relief valve. It has got dry sump lubrication with a separate three liter oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet, two carburetors with constant pressure in the diffuser, mechanical diaphragm fuel pump, contactless electronic dual ignition, electric starter, propeller speed reduction unit i = 2.43 with overload clutch, motor mount, suction chamber and stainless steel exhaust.

  • PowerMax Propeller

    The PowerMax is a three-blade tractor in flight adjustable aircraft propeller. The aluminum alloy hub consists of top and bottom flange with lid. The blade adjustment mechanisms are located inside the hub. Increasing of the blade angle is done by the actuator. For the opposite direction, the blades are adjusted through the resistance of spring located inside the hub. The carbon fiber blade has got an aluminum alloy root part and is mounted onto the hub by a pair of axial bearings. The actuator is located outside the hub, above the engine reduction unit, and controls the blade adjustment by a hollow axis of the reduction unit and the propeller.

Technical data

Wing area

11,26 m2

Cabin width

1,13 m

Never exceed speed

220 km/h

Cruising speed

170 km/h

Minimum speed

60 km/h

Empty weight (according to type)

395 kg

Fuel tank capacity

130 l or 90 l